Team Tammy & Simi

We’ve been lucky to experience phenomenal weather here on Aquidneck Island, to include a bit of a heat wave last week! The next biggest heat wave is Team Tammy & Simi at LKRE! The duo is on fire with their real estate transactions and we thought we’d celebrate! I love seeing when members of my team achieve success and can master a rolodex full of satisfied clients. Cheers to Team Tammy & Simi – and be sure to follow them on Instagram (@tammyandsimire) for their latest real estate round-up! You can also view their active sales listings, here.

Here is what they’ve been up to:

Sellers Representative
6 Hunter, Newport $563,500 closed 4/20
62 Fenner Avenue, Middletown $385 closed 6/1

Seller & Buyers Representative
133 Merritt Avenue, Tiverton– $225L closed 4/30
42 Barton Avenue, Warren $340K closed 5/9

Buyers Representative
58 Gould Street, Newport $265 closed 2/26
70 Windstone Drive, Portsmouth $575 closed 4/2
281 Village Road, Tiverton $550 closed 5/1
11 Bedlow Avenue, Newport $449 closed 5/15
84 Crestview Drive, Portsmouth $495 closed 5/15
82 Prospect Farm Road, Portsmouth– $725 closed 5/30