Summer Ingredients: Growth & Greenery 23 Vaughan is ready for a summer rental

Garden schemes are commencing with this promising weather and our minds are turning to growth and greenery. Naturally, at the LKRE HQ, our minds are specifically focused on summer rentals and our sales listings, of course. 23 Vaughan is one of our summer rental offerings I just adore. The outdoor oasis really lends to entertaining and enjoying those lazy hazy summer days, with beautiful and manageable gardens. Having herbs, vegetables and flowers for cutting are some of the finest luxuries in my opinion, (parsley in a snap for fish! cilantro for a batch of margaritas! dahlias for a guest bouquet!) and I love how this yard really shows you what a little imagination can do! 23 Vaughan is available effective June 1, 2018 for a monthly summer rental (and winter, beginning 9/1). View the listing here.

Thank you, Melissa Quintal Photography for the property photographs.