Layers Pastry Chef Christina Tosi leaves a lasting thought

I was recently watching ‘Chef’s Table,’ one of my Netflix favorite series, and was enamored by the work of  Christina Tosi, New York city-based pastry chef behind the success of Milk Bar. Her cake creations in particular were so lusciously layered and artistically fabricated that they left me thinking about layers. Even just her philosophy on cake in general (that they should be best enjoyed without frosting), was fascinating. In thinking through the concept of layers, I think about time and the evolution of business. The layers of life, the layers of real estate… layers, are really, the essence of our life journey. In real estate, there are so many layers and sequential phases that make up our business…. listing a property, going under contract, sale pending, closed, and so on. They each have their own narrative but they make up a whole of something that is often just as artful as Christina’s cakes! This post is dedicated to both female leaders and the layers of life and business. May you embrace them, enjoy them, and learn from them! 

Photography credit:  K C Bailey/Netflix & Milk Bar Store online