Give Beauty Luscious & Local

Kate’s Dream Crème. Master Landscape Designer Kate Field has brought her magic to the kitchen to create a unique formula for the face, hands & body. The mixture features essential oils of ylang-ylang, lemongrass and geranium. Shop here.

Merely by meeting Emily, you become bewitched by her light and love. This aura is alive in everything she offers her clients at her Love Living Holistics studio. I swear by her skincare treatments! See for yourself. 

It’s hard to single out a product from Brenda Brock’s Farmaesthetics collection because they are all marvelous. However, I am the biggest fan of her Complexion Conserve Serum.

Shopping local has always been part of my holiday mindset and it’s especially easy when there are so many indulgences to be had! Beauty is so personal yet giving beauty makes for such a luxurious gesture during the intimate holiday season. I am sharing my three beauty go-tos this holiday – luscious, local & lovely! Anyone would be so lucky to receive these gifts under the tree…Stay tuned as I reveal my next batch of gracious giving….

(All photographs are from the respective brand’s site).