GET TO THE POINT! No, really...

By now, you’ve likely heard our tag-line, “Get to The Point!” as we’re pretty passionate about The Point Section of Newport. In true city fashion, (after-all, Newport is the “City by the Sea”), Newport has its neighborhood nuances. It seems each section of town as its own DNA. We’ve conducted many real estate transactions in this pretty part of Newport, and currently, we have a listing for sale on 3rd Street (see here). As a result, we have become more in tune with the local landscape.

What we love most about this historic neighborhood however is a certain sense of idyllic quaintness from street to street. Mothers meander to the park in the morning with strollers for a moment of respite, while eager watermen launch their dinghies at the boat ramp. Neighbors give the friendly nod and wave over the fence while watering their summer gardens and many stop to marvel at the harbor abuzz with a regatta beneath the Newport Pell Bridge. These simple moments are what help make The Point so special and united. Follow along this summer as we work to showcase more of this neighborhood’s charm! #LOVEWHEREYOULIVE

Photography: Colby Raposa