Eggs in Many Forms An Inspirational Easter Note

With Easter on the horizon, images of bountiful children’s baskets and eggs are dancing in my head. My email campaign this morning pointed to diversifying your “investment basket” with real estate. But now back to eggs…

One of the most glamorous eggs of course is the illustrious Fabergé egg. Created for the Russian Imperial family from 1885 to 1916, the eggs represented a celebratory nod to the family but also considered one of the last great commissions of objets d’art.

The Lilies of the Valley Egg. Presented by Emperor Nicholas II to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. It’s coated with pearl- and diamond-set lilies of the valley sprays, The Empress’ most cherished flower. (Image: Courtesy of the Forbes Collection).

My second favorite egg is the decadent Cadbury Creme Egg. If this sounds foreign to you, you’ll thank me. A chocolate shell with fondant filling, this egg is a classic staple in my house. 

The Cadbury Creme Egg…dreamy & decadent.

Egg dying is a fun activity for kids and even adults. There are so many techniques and chic ways to showcase your eggs! I love this splatter ware look. For more ideas, see here.

Egg dying techniques from Country Living.

Eggs in a basket are perhaps one of my favorite breakfast dishes. There are so many ways to creatively cook them! 

Eggs in a blanket can be done with a simple slice of toast, or dress them up in a dinner roll. (image via)