Designing for The “Instagram Age” Millennial Pink and Contemporary Design

T Magazine, of the New York Times, recently profiled the 33-year-old Russian architect and furniture designer Harry Nuriev, who has emerged as one of the design world’s newest style masters. The article talks about the emergence of contemporary design – those whose work infuses a strong nod to the 70s whilst integrating colors in their schemes we ordinarily don’t consider to have serious clout. As I mentioned in a prior post, I was thinking about the color pink in a different way coming off of the Oscars, come to find out a very certain hue of it has now been dubbed as “millennial pink”.

Harry talks about his influence to color, relating them to relationships he just tries to “make work” in his designs. Most notably, his work carries a certain photogenic quality, with the modern customer and follower in mind (Instagramable, if you will). However despite these perfect spaces, they also seem to infuse life and vitality, like these interview rooms, Harry’s firm Crosby Studios designed (above).

The article is an interesting read – perfect for your weekend perusing. Read more of the piece, here. 

Photograph: Via New York Times, Courtesy of Crosby Studios