THE NEWPORTER: Tammy Bass! A real estate agent who understands that hard work always pays off!

We sat down with real estate agent, Tammy Bass and asked her a bunch of questions about her favorite things about Newport. From where to get a cocktail — to the best home fragrance. Tammy is bubbly + energetic with a great sense of dedication!

Favorite store? Frazzleberries, it’s so cute. I like the beachy feel to it and I can get Newport specific items there. It’s very customizable.

Favorite restaurant? I like Ida’s in Middletown, it’s Italian and they used to have a restaurant in Newport. The owner is really personable and they have amazing customer service. We booked my son’s graduation party there and the owner called after to make sure everything was good.

Favorite street? Tuckerman Ave in Middletown. I run on it everyday and it has waterfront homes, and it’s sort of the surfers end. It has a very New England feel.

Favorite waterfront location? Surfer’s End, Second Beach. I like that it is so untouched and not commercialized. I do boot camp there in the morning.

Favorite book to bring to the beach? Kristan Higgins, she’s has fun, romantic, and quirky books.

Broadway or Lower Thames? Lower Thames, I just like the feel of it better. More stores as opposed to restaurants.

Favorite place to grab a drink? I like 22 Bowens, the setting there is great—you get to people watch and it has views of the water. They also have big portions.

If you’re hosting a party (clam bake vs. fresh steaks?): Steaks definitely, I don’t really eat seafood.

How do you prefer to get your seafood? Off the boat or served to you? Not at all, but if I was to eat seafood it would have to be prepared by someone else. I’m slightly hesitant to prepare it myself.

What’s your open house “signature”? I always aim to make people feel comfortable, laid back, and welcome.

Your perfect client/buyer gift? I usually get them a gift card to Lowe’s or Home Depot, I try to go for something practical.

What’s/ Where’s your dream house? Definitely that Tuckerman Ave side. Something waterfront on Indian Avenue, I’d like to have a little bit more space around the house. I don’t need a huge house, just something kind of cozy.

Best place to get furniture locally? I love Ben’s Furniture Co. they have cute slipcovers and they sell white slipcovers. They have more basics, beachy, kind of Nantucket feeling.

What song can’t you get out of your head right now? Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

What was your most memorable real estate experience? It was my very first sale to an amazing Indian couple. They ended up inviting my family over and served us the most amazing traditional Indian food. It was such a lovely show of appreciation.

What color do you believe always looks good? I would have to say any type of grey, Revere Pewter.

What’s your favorite part of your own home? I have a huge window in my living room and we have big stonewalls all around the house, so the window lets you overlook the walls and there are always wild turkeys—there is always something to see out that window.

What’s your favorite home show? I like Fix Upper it’s on HGTV; it’s the husband and wife team.

What’s your work motto? Just work really hard, and you will reap the rewards one day.

Most memorable client? Any time a client refers someone else to me, I am so appreciative of that and it’s memorable to me.

Do you believe in the American Dream? Yes, I just believe if you work hard you are rewarded for it and you have the opportunity here to do that.

Who is your interior design soul mate? Rachel Ashwell’s sort of shabby chic.

Your favorite design trend right now? I love the all white and minimalism of the Scandinavian design trend.

Your favorite home accessory? An Italian water dispenser and I went to the factory where they’re made, it’s a water dispenser. It’s really pretty.

Favorite home fragrance? Clean, there was a beach sand Yankee Candle scent and it was very clean and soft.