The Newporter: Sarah Kirwin A real estate agent attracted to the simple things Newport has to offer!

above photo compliments of Loren Hope Jewelry

Favorite store (local)? I would Edited-IMG_5007have to say Bellevue Beauty Walk. I had worked there part time, it’s really fun and centrally located. I probably bought half the store’s accessories and jewelry. Everything was so beautiful and sparkly.

Favorite restaurant (local)? I love date night at Easton’s Beach and I love their twin lobster rolls!

Favorite street? At the risk of sounding lame, I love my street, Norman Street. I live in the 5th Ward and I love the proximity of my street to Ocean Drive and Fort Adams. My street is one of the most beautiful suburban streets. Everyone knows each other; it’s true essence of a neighborhood.

Favorite waterfront location? I love Fort Adams because the camp that I work at sails out of Fort Adams and it’s been a part of my life for 19 summers now. So when I think of summer I think of those docks.

Favorite book to bring to the beach? I don’t necessarily find enough time to read; when I do I’m really open to suggestions from my sister or my friends. I like something fun and easy, something that is the quintessential beach read.

Broadway or Lower Thames? I would have to say Lower Thames cause I’m a Fifth Ward girl. I actually love the shopping on Lower Thames and it kills me that some of the best restaurants are on Broadway. I love being able to walk down to the wharf to go to The Deck.

Favorite place to grab a drink? It depends on the time of day. I love an afternoon drink at Diego’s but Willy’s Burger Bar might have one of the best espresso martinis for a nightcap.

If you’re hosting a party (clam bake vs. fresh steaks?) I’m much more casual, we’ll go from hanging out in the front yard to hanging out in the backyard into a full on barbeque. Sometimes more formal things stress me out a bit too much. We keep it pretty classic, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken.

How do you prefer to get your seafood? Off the boat or served to you? I’m kind of high maintenance when it comes to my seafood, I like to have it served to me already prepared. My boyfriend’s mom had a dinner one time with a full lobster and I had no idea what to do with it!

white-blazer-living-with-libbyWhat’s your open house “signature”? One of my open house staples is a blazer, a month ago, I was showing a condo and I arrived before my client. I had a white blazer on, someone else asked if I was a relator and bought a condo from me the next week. It’s really important to look professional.

H&M BLAZER $25.00

Your perfect client/buyer gift? I love to do a bottle of nice champagne and usually a gift card to the Newport Restaurant Group.

What’s/ Where’s your dream house: I’m pretty simple, I think a really simple beach bungalow would be the ultimate beach house for me. Just the dream beach bungalow in any location.

Best place to get furniture locally? My style is, well it’s not even really my style I like more affordable options. I don’t really like to spend a lot of money on that kind of stuff. My house is furnished by

What song can’t you get out of your head right now? I woke up in the middle of the night with a song stuck in my head. It was Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.

What was your most memorable real estate experience? It would have to be my first sale, it was a few months after getting my license, we went under verbal agreement in 24 hours and we had a signed contract in three days.

Best tip for getting ready to sell your house? I would have to say be prepared for how quickly it could go and makes sure it looks beautiful and the staging is great. Even if the house isn’t the most beautiful make sure you accentuate the assets.

What color do you believe always looks good…I would say grey, its one of the best neutrals then you can accent with different pops of color and even change up the whole look of the room based on the accents colors.

What’s your favorite part of your own home? My kitchen, we have a nice open layout and I love to cook. Our kitchen was re-done when we first moved. So it’s just beautiful and I love being in there.

What’s your favorite home show? I really love some of the shows on HGTV that deal with buying real estate in really remote parts of the world. There is one about people who buy cabins in Alaska. It’s just really interesting. One is about buying islands, they aren’t expensive just deserted and remote.

What’s your work motto? Never stop, never really be satisfied. Keep reaching for bigger and better.

Most memorable client? That’s a hard one; I’ve gotten to know certain clients really well. I love the personal nature of this business, getting to know someone and matching their personality to a property that they will call home.

Do you believe in the American Dream? Oh of course, I come from a family of really hard workers even my Dad worked multiple jobs to support our family and to allow my mom to stay and raise all of us. Despite not growing up with the newest and best, they taught us how hard work is how you achieve your wants and needs in life.

Who is your interior design soulmate? I really admire Libby’s style, when I started working with her four years ago as her assistant. I had always admired her entrepreneurial spirit. The office is amazing and people would always come in and compliment how the office looked.

Your favorite design trend right now? I love minimalism, just black and white and grey with little accents of color, just a simple and clean look.

Your favorite home accessory or part of your home? I personally love centerpieces for my table, I love changing them around or having fresh flowers in there. Having nice statement pieces-it something that can be changed often. Right now I have a beautiful tray with heavy marble candlesticks but also just abstract pieces too. I have a vintage globe that I like to move around too.

Favorite home fragrance? I love a more musky smell, it’s weird cause I love it all year-round. It’s a Bed Bath & Beyond scent called fireside, it’s really rich and musky and they made one for the summer called marshmallow fireside, it’s a little sweeter. I have them plugged in now and it’s really nice, like a summer night by the fire kind of smell.