THE NEWPORTER: Alisha Juzapavious We spent some time with Alisha Juzapavious, an international sailor girl gone top-notch realtor.

alisha-realtor-250pxWe spent some time with Alisha Juzapavious, an international sailor girl gone top-notch Newport, ri realtor.

Favorite store? Lotus on Thames, I go there for dresses and bags. I’m pretty much guaranteed to buy something when I go in there.

Favorite restaurant? I would have to Perro Salado, they have these short ribs that are in a really thick sauce and they’re amazing. But everything is good there. The watermelon margaritas aren’t bad either. It’s in a cool old building too.

Favorite street? I would have to say, Kay Street. It’s pretty, it’s not crazy like in town and it’s nice to walk down. The houses are old and fun to look at.

Favorite waterfront location? The Deck. We keep our boat down there and we know the manager, the chef is really good and there is a nice vibe. It’s not pretentious and the food is great.

Favorite book to bring to the beach? A history book, I like historical fiction mostly.

Broadway or Lower Thames? Lower Thames, because I like a lot of the shops down there.

10421103_10205249748036803_8597164813621829715_nFavorite place to grab a drink? The IYAC because I can bring my dog, Sawyer, he’s a dachshund beagle mix.

If you’re hosting a party (clam bake vs. fresh steaks?) More formal, I usually do pork tenderloins and spaetzle. We always have people around, so I’ll do a sit down dinner for twelve sometimes.

How do you prefer to get your seafood? Off the boat or served to you? Served to me, I don’t want to be bothered with the cleaning or the shucking. I’ll watch someone else do it though.

What’s your open house “signature”? I don’t really have a routine yet. I’d maybe make some cookies or put out some Pellegrino.

Your perfect client/buyer gift? A nice Italian wine.

What’s/ Where’s your dream house: It could be a lot of places, maybe down in the islands, in Tortola, just a nice beach bungalow.

Best place to get furniture locally? I’d have to say the Armory Antique Marketplace, it’s an antique secondhand place. I prefer to buy old pieces, they just have more character.

What song can’t you get out of your head right now? MGMT- Kids

What was your most memorable real estate experience? I would say my first closing, it was quick. I sold a house to myself and my boyfriend, it wasn’t terribly intimidating. I learned a lot from it and it wasn’t daunting.

Best tip for getting ready to sell your house? Declutter! It’s so simple and yet people have a hard time with it. Everyone’s definition of clutter is different.

What color do you believe always looks good…I’d have to say Behr’s Eastern Amber, it’s a gold yellow.

What’s your favorite part of your own home? Our yard, we have a really big yard. We have a pretty large garden and we barbeque a lot, and we have some Adirondack chairs and a table set.

What’s your favorite home show? I used to watch a lot of House Hunters, International. I love seeing the rental and sale properties in Europe. 

What’s your work motto? To be efficient, I like to get things done and not procrastinate.

Most memorable client? I had a guy in the Navy and I spent a lot of time with him and his family. He was very particular. I’d have to really research to get all the answers to his questions. I learned a lot. His wife was Japanese and he had two young kids. They were a cute little family.

Do you believe in the American Dream? Yes! If you work really hard!

Who is your interior design soulmate? I don’t subscribe to a particular designer, there’s more of a classic New England vibe in my home.

Your favorite design trend right now? Warm metallics, it’s a nice accent. You can pretty much use it anywhere and you can mix finishes.

Your favorite home accessory in your home? My KitchenAid mixer, it’s silver. You can do anything with that.

Favorite home fragrance? Clean linen, I think it’s Glade. It’s neutral and not overwhelming, plus it smells clean.