The Golden Secrets A Life-changing Introduction to Jesse Golden

jesse goldenI recently had the most transformative experience as part of a special retreat weekend (which I cannot wait to divulge in more detail soon). In short, it was a weekend of visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders that gathered to muse on life, business and balance. Part of this recent experience was meeting Jesse Golden. Jesse is many things – yogi, author, creator of a vegan and chemical free skin and wellness line – the list goes on. One might be intimated by the sheer physical presence of Jesse. She is long, lean, blonde and beautiful – magical ingredients many of us dream of possessing. Quickly, however, when meeting her in person, you discover such a bewitching aura from her, and you leave mesmerized by her energy and ready to conquer the world.

Jesse endured many life experiences that have shaped her newly re-imagined outlook on life. Rheumatoid arthritis was one of them. Like many that have prevailed after life-altering events, Jesse wrote a book, titled “The Golden Secrets To Optimal Health”. If your summer reading list is thining out, I highly recommend getting this book next in the queue. It has changed my outlook on life, stress, nourishment and healing. (Find the book on Amazon here).

Libby Sig