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When I am on the go, the best way to get out of the house and off to any appointment  are great “classics” at my finger tips. Every women should have these classic pieces to mix and match in their wardrobe. Trends will come and go, but these are the items that will loyally serve your evolving style year after year. Mix and match and off you go….


 The Little Black Dress

 The Crisp, White Button Up

  The Cashmere Sweater

The Tailored Suit

 The Pencil Skirt

The Trench Coat

 The Black Blazer

Black Pumps



Ray Ban Aviators

Our LKRE tote is a perfect addition to any outfit!

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One of the many strategic elements in marketing real estate  is staging a property. By staging  you can tell a story and in turn entice a buyer to imagine themselves in that unique space you have created for them.

I have learned staging is the “art of placement”.

This home owner has inspired me with her deliberate choices and intriguing vignettes.

Melissa our  photographer and I smiled with every turn as she shot this house. All I had to do was to fluff a pillow and it was a wrap!

The perfect neighbor…an orchid, the ideal bathroom plantaccessories and sculpture at multiple  levels add dimension

deliberate yet surprising

hearts are everywhere

a little fluffa mirror image flowers in bloom

a perfect poochshoes off !

Time for a cucumber water on the deck….


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My essentials for a rainy spring day are my Hunter rain boots and my Classic Trench Coat, how Jackie O! We all know that April Showers bring May flowers so get inspired and spend the day working on your garden.


Always a step ahead and often referred to as, The Trailblazer, Norma Kamali is an absolute genius.  She continues to dazzle us with her provocative and passionate creations and her interpretations of the world of fashion.  She’s bold and daring with her fun and flirty designs, but what we’re really loving is her out of the box thinking as she recreates the catwalk.  Anything but boring, Kamali’s latest catwalk was far from traditional.  Each guest donned a pair of her iconic cat-eye 3D glasses as they enjoyed a short film featuring her Spring 2012 collection.  A collection inspired from years past take a look at what’s in store for this Spring.


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