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 Sure, we love things that sparkle, and we’re not just talking about jewels. This time of year beings back sweet childhood memories of us in our backyards, the warm evening air brushing against our skin, our parents striking a match and touching the tip of a long skinny metal stick that we clutched tightly in our little hands and it bursting into a joyous light explosion. We squealed with excitement, the glowing flare crackling against the night sky as we wrote our names in the air. As we drink in new memories this summer, we will hold tightly to these kinds of magical childhood moments.

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Yachting is a strong facet of the Newport lifestyle which has been a longtime mecca for boating enthusiasts. Living in a seaside city like Newport means there is constant beauty around you and always something to do. Dining at Newport’s finest restaurants like Forty 1 North and the Mooring give you a front row seat to Newport’s historic waterfront which is home to a plethora of glamorous mega-yachts and classic sailing vessels.

Our dear friend Mark Elliot owns and operates the  International Yacht Collection which is a global firm specializing in the sale and purchase of new and vintage  yachts from around the world. Our own fearless leader Libby spent 3 years working under Mark at IYC where she cultivated her love for precise sea craftsmanship.  While Libby eventually moved on to real estate, our team still loves the yachting world.

Alas, we’re so lucky to live in this wonderful international yachting hub- meeting worldly people and learning about other cultures.



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On the heels of the America’s Cup World Series, Newport is graced with yet another exciting sailing event. Gone are the made-for-speed sleek catamarans that were racing around Newport Harbor as we welcome the majestically rigged sails of the grand Tall Ships. As if we needed an excuse to be out on the water- the LKRE team is over the moon with excitement to check out the action this weekend. Tonight’s Captain’s Toast party is the kickoff event at the New York Yacht Club with several spin off events taking place over the next 3 days. The Parade of Sail will conclude this spectacular event on Monday when all 14 vessels will coast around the harbor for all to see. Showstoppers like Unicorn, Picton Castle and Lynx will be on display, cutting through Newport’s waters showcasing immaculate craftsmanship and impeccable detail.

The 17th annual Newport Flower Show brings sizzle & spice to Newport’s summer season. Enjoy the heat of Salsa – exotic plants and colorful designs, inspired by the fusion of Latin Music and dance with a “Salsa” theme!

Rosecliff, June 22-24, 2012

Here’s a stunning photo of JFK and Jackie O at a dinner for the regatta crews, in Newport, Rhode Island, while they watch the 1962 races. Newport, our gorgeous city-by-the-sea, will be the final stop on the World Series circuit before the America’s Cup race in San Francisco, promising a dramatic finish to the first season of the new AC45 professional circuit. We will have the pleasure of witnessing the first circuit champion crowned and for the first time, America’s Cup racing will be held inside Narragansett Bay, with excellent spectator views from Fort Adams State Park.

Tickets for the Sailing Festival, from June 23 to July 1, are being sold. Purchase your tickets now!!

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