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Transforming your yard from a winter wasteland into a bright summer garden can feel like a daunting task. Simply construct a bird’s eye view garden plan perspective. Try out new ideas and achieve a design that fits the look and feel of your home. A gorgeous, sophisticated design can add property value to your home!

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Although it may feel like it’s already upon us, Spring is right around the corner and so is this year’s Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show!  The theme is “Simple Pleasures” and the goal is to evoke memories of years past – visions of watering Grandma’s garden, or helping mom pick fresh veggie’s before dinner.  You may even be inspired to create that fabulous meditation garden you’ve been fantasizing about.  This show will undoubtedly be a collection of innovative and out of the box garden creations that will uplift and inspire.  Say good bye to the winter blues and get your gardening on!

Added bonus:  There will be a New Food and Wine Festival that will coincide with this years Flower Show!

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This list is about food and how we can reduce our footprint while being kinder to our earth.  The start of a new year is the perfect time to think about starting new traditions.  Here are 5 tips to be green through what we consume, how we obtain our food and how we dispose of it once we’re done eating.

Buy Local:  Buying organic is always a great option but buying an organic vegetable that is off season is not.  This means the item had to be shipped hundreds of miles and thus our environment is hindered in many ways.  Instead visit your local farms and farmers markets all year round or find a ‘Green Grocer’ near you.  You can also find a list of what’s fresh in your region here:  Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Reduce your Meat Consumption:  Much of our land is used to farm livestock, about 3/4 of the world’s agricultural land in fact.  By cutting our meat consumption we will encourage farmers to use the land in a more environmentally friendly way and in turn produce healthier crops.

Plant a Garden:  Looking for a way to always have fresh veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Grow your own fruits and vegetables this year. There are plenty of books, magazines and websites to guide the most novice gardener.  Don’t think you have the time to tend to a large garden?  Plant a few items on your deck or back steps in small pots, it will be easy access to maintain and a lot less weeding.

Start a Compost:  Composting is a great way to dispose of your unwanted food and gain a great supply of fertilizer for your new garden.  They even make it easy to maintain even in the winter months.  Check out Compost Tumblers.

Drink from your Tap:  Consuming water is one of the healthiest things for your body and since we drink so much of it think about the amount of packaging is involved.  Buy a water filter and a great refillable bottle, you will be saving money while saving the environment!


Go Green in Newport:  31 Edward St.

Let’s face it — when it comes to gardening, some of us are not natural “nurturers”. Plainly, we just don’t have the time. This photo was snapped at a clients property today and I just love how EASY it is to create something so beautiful — and sustainable!

Now I’m on my way to the farmer’s market on the hunt for some fresh garden finds.

Garden on,

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