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One of the many strategic elements in marketing real estate  is staging a property. By staging  you can tell a story and in turn entice a buyer to imagine themselves in that unique space you have created for them.

I have learned staging is the “art of placement”.

This home owner has inspired me with her deliberate choices and intriguing vignettes.

Melissa our  photographer and I smiled with every turn as she shot this house. All I had to do was to fluff a pillow and it was a wrap!

The perfect neighbor…an orchid, the ideal bathroom plantaccessories and sculpture at multiple  levels add dimension

deliberate yet surprising

hearts are everywhere

a little fluffa mirror image flowers in bloom

a perfect poochshoes off !

Time for a cucumber water on the deck….


Stay tuned for this NEW LKRE listing coming soon!

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Summer is quickly approaching with longer, sunnier, and warmer days. With our sandy beaches, historic landmarks, bustling waterfronts, summer events and hundreds of tasty restaurants it’s no wonder Newport is considered the gem of the New England coastline.

“A life without love is like a year without summer.”

Let LKRE find your Summer Rental.


I’m loving the Regency-inspired furniture and luxurious linens in Ralph Lauren Home’s Rosecliff Collection. The White Wicker garden set and nautical stripe wallpaper evoke the universal chic of a seaside retreat and undeniably transports you to the bygone summers of Newport. Ralph Lauren masterfully combines subtle blues and whites, the perfect palette for a romantic seaside home. This new collection transforms any room into a summer day on the cliffs of Newport.

Create your own Seaside Retreat at the fabulous

Clarendon Court Estate, 626 Bellevue Ave Newport.



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