Rambler 100 capsized in the Celtic Sea during the 2011 Fastnet Race

If you’re a true Newporter, you’re most likely following (or know someone sailing!) the 2011 Rolex Fastnet Race. The classic offshore yachting race  journeys off of Cowes, on the Isle of Wight in England, rounds the Fastnet Rock, off the southwest coast of Ireland, and then finishes at Plymouth in the south of England. The 608 nautical mile race has come a long way since it’s commencement in 1925, thanks to significant technological innovation.

Rambler 100, arguably the most advanced mono-hulled yacht ever designed, was leading the pack around the Fastnet Rock on Monday, only to capsize in the Celtic Sea with a dismembered keel, leaving its crew members in a hasty panic. Thankfully, all 21 crew members are safe, including our own Jerry Kirby. This isn’t the first capsize during the race. In 1985 the maxi yacht Drum experienced a dramatic capsize and sadly, a severe storm in the 1979 Fastnet left 15 competitors dead. We’re glad everyone on board is safe & sound!

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