Shutter Up! A Brilliantly Engineered Barn is More Than Just Eye Candy

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I’ve dog-eared many pages from the July-August issue of Dwell Magazine, one of my favorite sources of inspiration when thinking through design projects. It just so happens that one of my next design projects is more personal than it is for clients… and I’m thinking about modern farm houses and barns. The July/August issue of the publication features a barn designed by architect Jim Cutler, of Cutler Anderson Architects sitting on 90 acres in rural Pennsylvania. Cleverly, the barn features two-story shutters measured at nineteen feet tall and constructed of five-and-a-half-inch red cedar boards that glide with the help of a custom mechanism to help ease the sliding action. Not only do the shutters solve for aesthetics and functionality, but when closed, the interior temperature of the home is reduced by close to twenty degrees F, thus there is no air conditioning in the home. I would imagine the home owners are quite pleased!

Photography credit: David Sundberg/Esto

Libby Sig