Open Oyster From Oyster Farm to Party...





For a recent family barbecue, I called on Open Oyster to come shuck and serve some of their delicious raw bar offerings. I had heard rave reviews and was personally drawn to their concept, one that is rather simple but distinct: “a unique and interactive catering experience featuring fresh, local food that’s shucked on site at your event.” For someone like myself that wants to simply offer my guests classic summertime fare and not worry about spending my time as a hostess in the kitchen, Open Oyster is the perfect match. Their offering is an experience of its own – from their ice-filled boat with a bounty of mignonette, lemon wedges and the finest in shellfish accoutrements, they have it beautifully mastered.  It doesn’t stop with the shucking. Dana (Creator & Visionary) and husband Mark, are incredibly dedicated to the world of shellfish, and make for great conversationalists on the topics of sustainability and oyster expertise. Both Dana and Mark come from the world of hospitality and have clearly developed a terrific niche. I strongly recommend Open Oyster for your next summer gathering!

Photography: K. Travers Photography |