The Newporter: Simi Rush Real Estate agent Simi Rush strives to strike the best balance possible between work and play.

semi-1LWL: Where did you grow up?
SR: Southern California- small (ish) town of Moorpark.

LWL: If you could live anywhere in Newport, where would you live?
SR: At Castle Hill! I always feel like I am at the edge of the universe when I am at the waterfront there.

LWL: If you weren’t living in Rhode Island now, where else in the world would you want to live?
SR: I have to admit, a place where it’s warm and sunny year round. Love the Island and the connectedness the community brings, but the winter weather is a big adjustment.

LWL: Where is your favorite place to shop on Aquidneck Island?
SR: Before we lived here, we came here and ordered a wedding present for friends of ours who were getting married. We bought them a custom ceramic tray with the words of their wedding invite, a timeless treasure that I found at Primavera on Bowen’s Wharf.

LWL: What is your favorite restaurant? 
SR: I could eat at Midtown Oyster Bar almost any day of the week! I love the ahi tuna tacos! Off Island, Al Forno! It’s the place I choose for every celebration. I love red wine, it goes with everything, but in the summer, I will enjoy a cocktail at Midtown with watermelon juice.

LWL: You favorite summer activity on Aquidneck Island?
SR: Early evenings potlucking with friends and watching the kids play at Second Beach.

LWL: What was the last thing you Googled?
SR: Do you really want to know?! It was capital gains question for taxes 😉

LWL: What is your favorite interior design trend?
SR: I am very much loving herringbone and also the reclaimed wood design for backsplash in showers.

LWL: What is your goal for 2017?
SR: To strike the best balance possible between work and play.