The Newporter: Lauren Mailloux Newport real estate agent, Lauren Mailloux, is a fierce woman with a love for decadence!

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-25-24-pmAfter Living with Libby sat down with Newport real estate agent Lauren Mailloux, we realized that this fierce woman has a love for decadence!

LWL: Where did you grow up?

LM: I grew up in Portsmouth, RI, which was actually voted the “The best city in every state if you want to buy a home” by Business Insider.

LWL: If you could live anywhere in Newport, where would you live?

LM: Can you live in the Breakers?

LWL: If you weren’t living in Rhode Island now, where else in the world would you want to live?

LM: I would be living in New York City. I try to visit as much as I can.

LWL: Where is your favorite place to shop in Newport?

LM: Royal Male, both locations.

LWL: What is your favorite restaurant?

LM: This is tough. Fluke has been one of my favorite restaurants since I was in high schoolgoat-cheesecake-w-strawberries. My order is usually: the Fluke Sunset Cocktail and Bacon Wrapped Dates and Crispy Wellfleet Oysters to start. Then the Pan Seared Scallops for my entrée, and then Goat’s Cheesecake for dessert.

On the contrary, my love affair with the Clarke Cooke House is so real. You cannot go wrong with an Espresso Martini, the Candy Store Burger, and a Snowball in Hell.

LWL: Your favorite memory during a summer in Newport?

LM: Far too many! The Folk Festival, random weekend raft-ups, and Newport Polo in Portsmouth are always fun. I went skydiving in Middletown this past summer which was incredible.

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-30-54-pmLWL: What was the last thing you Googled?

LM: Women’s ski-suits for a ski trip later this month.

LWL: What is your favorite interior design trend?

LM: A gallery wall of art and photos, and a pop of fun wallpaper.

LWL: What is your goal for 2017?

LM: Work-Work-Work, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and travel to as many new places as possible!