The Moore House Family Construction, Design and Guest Stay Management in Coastal Rhode Island

A vintage cane chair holds lush linens for guests at Cottage 29.

A beautiful vignette at the bottom of the stairway at Cottage 29.

Newly restored & renovated utilizing almost 80% of the cottage’s original material, Cottage 29 offers guests a waterfront oasis on the Sakonnet River.

A perfect blend of luxe & necessity in the kitchen at The Boathouse Cottage.

A stylish spot to relish in the blue hues outside at The Boat House Cottage.

This 1940s Quonset Hut was used in the war to store ammunition.

The LKRE Team first caught wind of “The Moore House” via Instagram, naturally ( Immediately, we knew they inherently understood design and had a knack for creating beautiful, unique spaces in what appeared to be our state of Rhode Island. As our digital investigation progressed, we learned that there was much more to their story…and you’ll get weak in the knees when you uncover the sacredness of their work. The Moore House Family is indeed a family, comprised of passionate individuals who renovate, restore and design long forgotten coastal homes and cottages, who then curate and offer boutique stays for their guests. Each stay contributes to rebuilding & restoring forgotten homes around Rhode Island. They have literally saved ramshackle homes that had started to fall into deep disrepair – such as The Boathouse, which was literally half in the water when they found it. Most of their projects hail from Tiverton, Rhode Island, a place they have identified has having many “hidden gems”… which you can then see transformed in their current guest offerings. We had the opportunity to sit down with Blair, the Moore House Design Director, to learn more about their work. Read on, below:

Our team discovered you on Instagram and we continue to love seeing all the spaces you restore and decorate. Can you tell us a little bit about how The Moore House Family came to life? Are you really a family (by blood)?!?
Yes we are – and we are as thick as thieves!. We are a family of 5 that has been renovating and restoring forgotten homes around the world for about 35 years now. We are an immersion of Aussies and new Englanders.

Why Tiverton? What are some of your favorite places in Tiverton?
After moving back to the States from Australia 8 years ago, our hearts were set on the East coast.  We knew we wanted a place that had some good waves and beautiful ocean views. We first began in Newport, RI and slowly found ourselves moving further and further north until we stumbled into Tiverton.  We were amazed to find an abundance of hidden gems, and couldn’t wait to rehabilitate them. Some of our favorite spots include Tiverton Four Corners, Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard, Milk and Honey, The Red Dory, and Bridgeport Seafood.

You are known for your “sustainable mindset” when it comes to your work. Can you share a few of your sustainable practices or parameters when selecting a property to restore?
Moore House has always taken great pride in its resourcefulness. In today’s society, so much is wasted, especially in the housing and renovation market. Our main focus is to restore these beautiful properties by reusing as many materials as possible. Most of our renovations use reclaimed and restored materials that we pull from other properties, farms, and most of all, so many peoples’ dumpsters – Mark loves shopping at the dump!  You would be amazed at how quick people are to discard of perfectly good materials.  You know what they say:  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! #ReduceReuseRestore

 Tell us about a challenging renovation project.
We renovated a historic property in Australia called Dyraaba Station. It was originally over 200,000 acres of beautiful Australian countryside and uninhabited for over 70 years. We spent 7 years bringing her back to life and restoring her original luster.

We are also currently at work on a 1750s farm.  We’ll be able to tell you more when we get to the other side!

Specializing in “boutique guest stays” each one of your properties is its own jewel box that oozes with comfort and chic interior selections. What is it about your guest’s experience at The Moore House Family that makes it so unique?
We are primarily a Renovation and Design firm, but we’ve always had a love for hosting. Our Moore House “boutique guest stays” were born out of a want to share these transformations with others. Our whole mission is to create not just a beautiful home for our guests, but to curate a personalized home experience each and every time. We want our guests to feel as if they are a part of our Moore House Family.

What are three products every guest’s accommodation experience should have?
Fabulous customer service, exquisite sheets, and décor worth dreaming about.

What are your guests looking to experience when they seek out one of your properties?
Most of our guests are looking for a relaxing getaway in a uniquely designed and constructed home.  Each cottage has its own history; many of our returning guests love exploring the different stories each property has to tell. 

How many properties do you currently have in your portfolio of offerings?
Currently we offer our Moore House ‘boutique guest stays’ at 6 locations in Tiverton, RI.  Stay tuned for our ‘secret secluded’ Moore House experience coming soon! 

The aesthetic and design of each property is thoughtfully executed, brilliantly styled and carefully curated. Where do you draw your design influences from?
To be honest, we let the cottages speak to us. Each one has a different story they want to tell and we develop a design around it. 

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow right now?
I am a sucker for my locals of Abby Capalbo and Jess Ann Kirby. I also love following our fellow Aussie Miss Sarah Glover for some fabulous real experiences. As for our fellow design gurus, we love Devol Kitchens, Emily Henderson, Brady Tolbet, Studio McGee, Chris loves Julia and Construction2Style!

Do you have a favorite low-cost renovation “trick” that you like to incorporate into your work?
Reuse everything. We find the greatest creations come out of repurposing items in an unexpected setting. 

What’s in the pipeline for The Moore House Family? What can your followers look forward to seeing?
We have some things up our Moore House sleeve that we are getting ready to debut this summer.  Every cottage will come with an experiential treat tailored to each guest – if this intrigues you, we urge you to come and find out “Moore”!  (Wink wink.) 

Photography Credit: Zack DeZon Photography