Welome To My House: Kyla Maher Kyla Maher explains her "game changing" secrets and shares her pressed coffee.


LWL: Your house has a really good vibe as soon as you walk in. How would you best describe your sense of style?

KM: Thank you! I love natural looking materials – wood, wicker, branches, stones, sheepskin, crystals, plants – but I also love geometric bold patterns and simplicity. Maybe boho-chic meets urban hipster?

LWL: Your bookshelf is filled with reassuring subjects of yoga, business and love. We have a sense that these all play a crucial roll in your life? Are we right?

KM: Nailed it.






LWL: Beside lounging, how else do you enjoy your living room? Do you have any memorable stories in this room?

KM: I love my cozy living room! During the last snow storm, I had a few friends over and we played Scrabble around my round coffee table (a refinished antique from my pop’s company, Seatown Woodwork). We ate homemade calzones and laughed over our ridiculous words. I also use my living room as a creative space – every Tuesday I spread out all my yoga books on the floor, drink French press coffee and plan out that evenings yoga class.



LWL: There is nothing better than a simple clean kitchen, especially when you are cooking! What is your favorite recipe?

KM: I’m a big fan of cooking – I should probably give you a healthy yoga recipe but I just mentioned those snowstorm calzones! Go get some ready made pizza dough RIGHT NOW. Let it rise for a couple hours. Olive oil it up, put a pile of your favorite filling in there (I used sautéed spinach and kale), put a healthy handful of mozzarella cheese on top, fold the dough over it, sprinkle with salt & parmesan cheese. Bake at 400 for 20 minutes. You can thank me later.


LWL: Everyone has their own unique beauty routine. We would love to hear more about yours.

KM: The traditional kundalini yoga morning routine is like the best kept beauty secret! Wake up early, cold shower (wakes up the nervous system and gets the blood going – so detoxifying!), then a little morning pranayama (yoga breathing) and meditation. Then as far as products, I keep it pretty minimal. I love using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I wash my hair a couple times a week and use Acure dry shampoo in between (game changer!!). Little Mineral Fusion bronzer on those pasty winter days – good to go.



LWL: When it comes to your bedroom, what are some of the things you can’t live without while indulging in a good night sleep?

KM: Having a super cozy bed is a MUST for me! I have an amazing king size cause Casper mattress I like to sprawl out (also a total game changer – this mattress was delivered to my door in a box – what??!) I have Sheepskins all over my house because they ultra cozy and hold in good energy. These are a staple in the Kundalini world.



LWL: Where can people find you and join you to practice yoga?

KM: Long Time Sun! Tuesday night at 6. See you then!