A Kitchen Makeover ‘sort of by accident’ A Renovation Tale that Rings True

(Kitchen “after”, via Clever) 

I’ve been sharing some of my renovation and design transformations on Instagram as I’m in the midst of a few current projects that always provoke nostalgia in one way or another. Each renovation and design project has its own narrative, quirks and qualities that somehow or another leave a lasting impression -good or bad. I recently read this article on Clever (Architectural Digest’s new digital vertical), which spoke about an “accidental renovation”… an often common scenario. The homeowners found that after deciding to take it slow with the progression of their plans, replacing the flooring quickly snowballed into a larger renovation. Not only can I relate and appreciate this article, it touches on an important theme when conquering these renovations. Sometimes, going all the way is just worth it. If you’re going through the trouble of hiring someone to help, and investing your own time and resources into the space, you might as well do it right – and sometimes, yes, that “one thing” might turn into 3 or 4, but it will pay dividends in the long run. To read the article in full, visit here.