THE NEWPORTER: Anthony Daniels Anthony Daniels is a Rhode Island based boat savvy woodworker with eye for rustic design and a passion for music.

11419176_949927628384289_937692610_nWhere are you from, where are you currently living?

My wife and I moved to Newport two years ago from NYC.  We left the mold of careers behind to pursue more creative and rewarding ventures, and live on the ocean.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your wooden boat building company?

I began studying wooden boatbuilding through the IYRS boatbuilding and restoration program shortly after moving to town.  I have worked on and off as a carpenter for years while consulting for an environmental firm, and after having been immersed in this historically nostalgic maritime community, I decided to build boats.  I started using Instagram as a way to log and document my work but as I experimented more with customized side projects, a brand evolved.  Now WouldBoat is simply the vehicle for me to share the incredible boats being restored and push limits of reclaimed materials.  I still subcontract as a residential carpenter but have been taking on more marine carpentry and boatbuilding jobs, custom works too.

12424796_1502249643412895_340929073_nCan you tell us a little bit more about your reclaimed artwork. Do you do the burn drawings yourself (is that the right term?). 

Yes, I do all the wood burnings myself and make the frames.  The frames are reclaimed planks from a 55′ wooden schooner that is currently undergoing a full restoration.  The best part about wood burning is its quiet and I can do it late at night.  I enjoy the drafted lines of ship plans, so burning lines plans into old boat planks was a way to maintain some of the spirit of the ocean enraptured in these old materials.

How long does it take you to make the custom guitars? 

10004237_866539856722282_2132256767_nMost of what I create depends on what materials are available and how much of it I can get my hands on.  The first guitar I built was built from mahogany planking from a Beetlecat and the neck was hand carved oak from the sprung keel.  It took about 3 months start to finish but much of that time was spent thinking and designing as this was the first time I built a guitar (and I had expectations of playing it).  Having a gig and needing a guitar for it was a good motivator. I have another guitar in the works but am taking my time in the design.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Leaving a good job in New York for a lot of unknowns in Rhode Island was a bit daunting.  But creating the WouldBoat brand has been an awesome experience and has provided me many connections and acquaintances across a global community of woodworkers and crafts folk.  Aside from custom woodwork and boatbuilding, I am a12237340_183029412047151_624369607_n musician as well.  I recorded an EP last summer which will be available 1/19 Anthony Daniels Music.  My music and wood working are kind of motivators to each other.  There’s always something being worked on, either a song or a boat.  Of course, all of this works because there’s an incredibly talented, smart woman driving this bus.  My wife Meridith (@thewayfaringweaver), is very much responsible for making things happen.  She has her own amazing textile weavings and pottery that she manages and produces on top of keeping me in check.  The last 2 years have really been our biggest achievement.