Getting out of bed is hard enough as it is, but to know you are about to be walking around on cold hardwood floors makes the thought of getting up even worse! Obviously hardwood floors look amazing and shouldn’t be covered completely, but adding a decorative rug on top can help give a cozier vibe. Place a rug in the areas where you know your feet will be hitting the ground.  At the end of your bed, middle of your living room or underneath your dining room table are great spots to add a soft resting spot for those feet.  Rugs obviously come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns so finding the right match for you space will be a breeze.


Dark accent wall, in a bedroom with a lot of natural light and hardwood floor. The rug in this room is everything. The plant and the small nightstand with a mirror and chair tucked in the corner ad a great homey touch. A place to sit in the room other than the bed is always good to have.

The contrast of dark and light...




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Our favorite watering hole O’Brien’s Pub in downtown Newport recently got a show-stopping new exterior feature: Garage Doors! We’re loving the look of these industrial black garage doors that open on warm, sunny days creating a wonderful indoor-outdoor flow from covered bar to patio space.  When Newporters think of garage doors on restaurants, we instantly think of OB’s former neighbor Asterix (now Willy’s Burger Bar)- but O’Brien’s has stepped up the game with four huge garage doors that span the entire storefront. I guess it’s safe to say that you know where we will be spending our Saint Patrick’s Day! Check out the new doors below and a few other snaps of garage doors we love!






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Old McDonald shouldn’t be the only one who gets to enjoy the rustic architecture of barns. We are loving the look of re-purposed barn doors inside the home. Put on a sliding track or opening traditionally into a living room- barn doors add a touch of pastoral chic to an urban interior pallet. We love them best when contrasted against uber-modern decor. Sharp lines and mod lighting fixtures juxtaposed with large, wooden gate-like doors.

barn door




Young House Love | House Crashing: The Whole Show | Love the use of sliding doors.


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These days we barely flinch when we see the postman. He’s probably delivering bills, junk mail and clothing catalogs.  There was a time however that when seeing the postman spurred feelings of excitement. The prospect of receiving an actual letter or card would have us at the edge of our seat. Seeing distinctive handwriting on the front, feeling the weight of a heavier envelope, one that was sealed by an actual person rather than a massive automatic feed machine and seeing a colorful,  hand-placed postage stamp were all things that ensured us that our day was going to be brighter once we opened that envelope. Those reasons are exactly why we at Libby Kirwin Real Estate continue to write hand-written Thank You notes to clients. In an era where most correspondence is predominantly electronic-  taking the extra step, beyond the keyboard- is so very special.  So next time you want to express your gratitude, put down your iPhone and pick up a pen. The recipient will appreciate it more than you know! Below are some of our favorite takes on Thank you notes.

thank you..
thank you 4pack
thank you antler

thankyou arrow
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A very cool look in the kitchen is a chalkboard back splash. Typically we only see either a painted wall or perhaps some tile. However, with a chalkboard back splash, you have the opportunity to utilize that wall space! Jotting down recipes, reminders and designs, chalkboard back splashes are a unique way to add some fun to your kitchen.







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