In architecture, a “coffer” is a sunken panel in a ceiling (including the interiors of domes and vaults).  The word comes from the ancient Greek word kophinos, which means “basket.” The Latin word for basket, cophinus, was adopted by the old French to mean various types of hollowed containers. The words “coffer,” a chest or strongbox to hold money, and “coffin,” a box for the dead, are both French derivations. Coffers have been used in ceilings for centuries. Sometimes they were used to disguise the architectural engineering, where one beam or brace would be structurally necessary but others were built for symmetry. Hollows were sometimes used for weight distribution. We are loving the depth that coffers create in a ceiling- paired with recessed lighting and perhaps a dramatic chandelier, coffered ceilings are one of our favorite design elements these days. The first photo below is of LKRE’s newest listing, 12 Brenton Road which features a stunning coffered ceiling.





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Lemons are something that we might always have around the house, but most times only get used for certain things like cooking and garnishes. But there is a few other ways to use lemons, one way is to use them in your daily cleaning routine! Lemons act as a great natural cleaner and work just as well as some retail products out there today. The added bonus being that you get to skip using harsh chemicals. Check out the list below for 5 ways to clean with lemons:

  1. Laundry: Did you know that lemons actually can act as a natural bleach? Simply, add one cup of lemon juice in with your regular laundry soap and you will amazed at how well it whitens your clothes!
  2. Cutting Boards: A great way to clean and sanitize your cutting boards is to use half of a lemon. Cut the lemon in half and rub the half on the board, making sure to soak the surface. Leave to soak for 20 minutes and rinse!
  3. Rust Spots: Next time you notice rust spots on your cutlery, rub or soak them in lemon juice. The juice will eat away at the rust and it should rub right off!
  4. Shine Your Shoes: To achieve a beautiful shoe shine, use a soft cloth and lemon juice to buff your shoes. This will work best on leather shoes.
  5. Polish Chrome: Lemons are great for polishing and shining up chrome. Simply use a half lemon to scrub out water spots, soap scum and deposits and you will be left with fantastic results!








This fall, a dream is going to come true! It is about to be the time of year where fashion meets comfort. Big sweaters, warm flannels and slouchy jeans! Boyfriend jeans are going to be big this coming season and will be worn in many different ways. They can be matched up with vans and a hoodie for a casual look or paired with heels and a motorcycle jacket for sexy night out. Skin tight jeans are going to be pushed aside when these ultra comfortable pants make their way into your closet. Anything goes with boyfriend jeans and the more rips and tears the better!

Boyfriend jeans look great with a relaxed top and fun accessories!


white lace blouse + pearls + boyfriend jeans + pumps (A Spoonful of Style)

Street Scene Vintage: How to Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

I like the shoes with this. I may take a risk and add some turquoise too.

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Let’s be honest; one of the main reasons why we would ever want a black floor would be to hide the dirt. The other reasons? It looks beautiful, sophisticated and high-design. A deep, black floor contrasted with stark white walls is a stunning canvas for a home. Complemented with stainless appliances and this combination yields a gorgeous kitchen. Paired with a rustic farm table and Tolix chars, you have got yourself a dining room right out of a home design magazine!







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We are often amused/amazed by creative ways to re-purpose junk.  Thank goodness for the internet where we have access to all sorts of interesting decor ideas! Recently, we have been loving the use of wooden crates in the home. Situated in the mud room as shelving units, positioned on the side of a sofa to collect magazines or stacked up to resemble a desk- the wooden crate has proven various household uses. Traditionally used to transport farm produce, these dual-purpose pieces can add a rustic vibe to a modern space. You could white wash a crate or even paint a sleek black in order to add some depth to a room.








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