Animal hide rugs- faux or real- are a fun way to liven up a space in the home. Black and white zebra print, brown and white cow print or just a monotone neutral; there are various different colors, shapes and textures available. Libby just recently added a black and white cow print hide to her office. The rug combined with the dark charcoal rugs, glass light fixtures and white modern desk depict a high-design, edgy look- perfect for Libby!  Below are some shots collected of our favorite animal hide rugs.








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With the warm weather behind us, we are always looking for ways to bring memoirs of summer back. Botanical prints are a fantastic way to bring a sophisticated, classic touch to your home. A pair of prints or a whole set of 8, botanical prints looks lovely clustered or even stand-alone. Botanical prints also soften a space- lending an ethereal, vivacious feel to an otherwise inert room. Below are some shots of botanical prints done right.







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One of our favorite things about selling homes in Newport, RI is that a large portion of these properties embody unique historic design elements.  Built in the early 1900’s, some of the historic homes in Newport feature built in shelving, lovely glass kitchen cabinetry or gorgeous original hardwood floors. One particular, quite noteworthy element always brings a smile to our faces: the arched doorway. In a world driven by sharp, contemporary lines, it’s always lovely to see a rounded opening at the end of a corridor or in-between rooms.  One of our latest sales listings, 18 Burdick Avenue features a pair of these arched doorways and that add so much character to this home!


arch pantry







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Have you ever wondered how someone can put such odd pieces of artwork on a wall and somehow make them look fabulous? Also are you guilty of buying the already packaged wall frame kit and pretending you were the creative one who came up with the design? It happens to the best of us! Piecing the objects is not as hard as one may think. Here are a few tips on making your very own wall gallery:

  1. Anything Goes: Gather frames, mirrors and funky accent pieces together and start building your new masterpiece.
  2. Cohesion: Anything can be in your wall art but you don’t want it to look to wild, so stick to a color scheme and tie all of your pieces together by sticking to that scheme.
  3. Balance: Incorporate the pieces in a way where the weight of each piece feels balanced from top to bottom and left to right.
  4. Practice: Before hanging anything up on the walls be careful and layout what you think you want on the floor first. It is easier to change things around that way and no new holes were made in the walls.
  5. Enjoy: Make sure that everything you placed on that wall is something you truly love because that will make the gallery that much more meaningful to you!








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The words “track light” will likely propel you back to the 1990’s. Horrible, bulky black metal strips affixed to the ceiling with cylindrical light cans sprouting off, angled in various different directions.  Thankfully, track lighting has come a LONG way since then. Evolving to elegant lighting systems, track lights are now a welcomed addition to homes, especially those with cathedral ceilings.  With the Carey School Residences under construction, the design team is weighing out the options for lighting. Track lights could be a possibility seeing how the ceiling heights are almost 13 feet high!






Hecker Guthrie Carlton Residence



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