The holidays are here! We feel like it was only yesterday that we were watching the sunset after a long day at the beach…but alas, it’s time to embrace this festive time of year. During a recent holiday shopping adventure, we were entranced (as we always are) with Restoration Hardware‘s take on the holidays. Dark, sophisticated neutrals with mixed metals and plenty of sparkling lights. While sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the traditional colors of red and green, we are so in love with the RH color scheme and can’t wait to cast this vibe in our own office next holiday season!

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During the winter months, statistics say that Americans suffer from Seasonal Effective Disorder which leads to depression. This disorder is directly attributed to the darkness of the season. With daylight savings, it is dark out by 4:30pm! We as humans crave sunlight which has been said to raise levels of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is the chemical our brain makes that makes us happy, so without sunlight, we are more at risk for feeling depressed. Scientists are saying that there is artificial light that can replace sunlight and may improve our moods during the winter. In fact, studies have shown that people exposed to natural light are more productive, achieve a better sense of well-being, and are more positive.

In the same vein, we are absolutely in love with the concept of channeling MORE sunlight into our homes or offices via “Solatube” tubular lighting.  Solatube tubular daylighting devices are affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces where traditional skylights and windows simply can’t reach. Sometimes called “tubular skylights,” “light tubes,” “sun pipes,” and even “light tunnels,” Solatube lighting has become the ideal solution for lighting interiors in a cost-effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly way because they significantly reduce the need for electricity while keeping people connected to the outdoor environment.  So, if you’re looking to do some renovations in your home, you should consider this type of lighting- your psyche will thank you!






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Have you ever met a woman with that “thing” that draws you in, and you instantly know she’s a good one?  A kind heart, a beautiful soul and a damn-good sense of fashion- our post today is dedicated entirely to Newport beauty Jess Kirby. Libby’s step-daughter, Jess has topped the charts with her amazing fashion blog Prosecco & Plaid which features amazing outfits of the day, mostly all with a seaside backdrop of our hometown of Newport, RI. With a fashion focus on New England prep to City Chic, Kirby’s blog is both captivating and inspirational. For those of us that crave fashion inspiration, our desires are more than satiated after scrolling through P&P- plus each post has a shopping guide directing readers where to buy each piece! Dangerous! Today happens to be Jessica’s birthday so we raise a glass of bubbles to her, may you continue to shine on with your blogging success. Your drive is refreshing and invigorating and we can’t wait to see what mountains you conquer in 2015!



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A wonderful way to flood in natural light, skylights offer a unique design element to any room. We especially love seeing skylights in a shower/bath stall. A great way to open up a renovated attic space is to cut in skylights to take away from the otherwise stuffy vibe. Skylights- even on gloomy days- are a great energy saver as you don’t need to turn on as many lights and thus you save money on electricity.  Below are some gorgeous skylights that we would LOVE to have in our own homes!

A Big, Glorious Skylight in the Kitchen Kitchen, makes it light and roomy. Brought to you by LG Studio






One of our favorite holidays is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! This Thursday we will enjoy being with family and friends while feasting on delicious homemade food! Aside from the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, we’re greatly looking forward to decorating our dining table with sweet Autumnal decor.  We combed the internet earlier today to find some tablescape inspiration- check them out!









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