Listing a property for sale is not an easy task. However, Libby and the team at LKRE are 100% dedicated to ensuring that when appropriate, each of their sales listings are staged to perfection and professionally photographed. This week in particular, Libby proudly launched 375 Indian Avenue in Portsmouth, RI. Built in the 1970′s, Libby brought in movers to remove most of the existing furniture, dated carpeting and decor. Next she had the interior spaces painted a nice neutral color. Finally, Libby selected some lovely pieces of furniture from her staging collection to help potential buyers see the home in a new, updated light.

Inspired by the image below she found in Architectural Digest, Libby went with light colored furniture, a natural carpet and some soft pops of color to emphasize the unique wood ceiling and the panoramic windows. Another great idea Libby had, but figured she would recommend to the buyer- would be to paint the  expansive red brick chimney a light gray or white- or possibly cover with planks of wood- offering a modern meets natural look.  The photos below are a true testament of Libby’s strong ability to bring a property up to its best before putting on the market!

Wood ADHere are a couple of shots of the living room before Libby got her hands on it!


INDIAN BEFORE LR!And here is the very same room below after Libby removed furniture, pulled up carpeting, painted the walls and floor and brought in staging furnishings!




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When mirrors are thoughtfully spaced in a room it can actually give an optical illusion of a space being larger than it really is. Having them hanging or casually resting against the wall directly from a window or well light area can make a space feel more open. One large mirror or a collection of smaller mirrors will do the trick and give the room a more open feeling.




How To Lean Art (Without It Looking Like You Forgot to Hang It. François Halard's New York Apartment from Domino via Savvy Home

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Being creative when decorating a space can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But a new trend recently displayed on Home Design Lover’s Website, shows that putting together a unique dining area is easier that it may seem. Matching dining sets are dated and expected. Try something new! Mix & Match different style chairs, tables and benches for a one of a kind room that is specifically designed for your personal style sense. By placing  metal chairs with high backs alongside a fabric covered wooden bench makes for a cheerful dining space that anyone could enjoy. When choosing colors for the tables and chairs, the sky is the limit. Basically if you stay close to a particular color pallet and accent it with opposite colors on the color wheel, your space will look fantastic every single time!







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Summer time is such a lovely time of year. Aside from the gorgeous weather, we love the delicious fruit that comes with this beloved season, specifically peaches! Succulent and sweet, peaches inspire us beyond being one of our summer food staples. The color peach is both soothing yet activating. Not quite as feminine as pink, peach is a calming hue that encourages conversation and puts people at ease which is why we see this color on the walls of classrooms and doctor’s offices. We love the color peach so be it on our walls, as an accent pillow or as the main ingredient in a scrumptious pie or cake! Yum!

pach lemonade


peach flower

peach navy





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Faux or real, antlers are taking the design world by storm. Sometimes natural, sometimes painted, sometimes large and sometimes small, sometimes ceramic or plastic, but always loaded with high impact and punchy “rustique.”  We have seen massive antler chandeliers out in Jackson Hole, WY, and dainty antler busts on the walls of one of our favorite restaurants in NYC- Freeman’s. We’re also seeing these natural masterpieces pop up throughout mainstream decor companies like West ElmPottery Barn and  Anthropolgie just to name a few.  We’re lucky to have picked up an authentic set of our own in the woods that were shed in Block Island by a teenage buck years ago.






antler awesome



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