The words “track light” will likely propel you back to the 1990’s. Horrible, bulky black metal strips affixed to the ceiling with cylindrical light cans sprouting off, angled in various different directions.  Thankfully, track lighting has come a LONG way since then. Evolving to elegant lighting systems, track lights are now a welcomed addition to homes, especially those with cathedral ceilings.  With the Carey School Residences under construction, the design team is weighing out the options for lighting. Track lights could be a possibility seeing how the ceiling heights are almost 13 feet high!






Hecker Guthrie Carlton Residence



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We are currently working with the developers of the Carey School Residences on the interior finishes for each unit including kitchens and bathrooms. Naturally, we gravitate towards white! White kitchens paired with hardwood floors – which is the concept at Carey School, is a dreamy setting for chopping, prepping and cooking delicious meals. White gives the feeling of freshness and cleanliness- and also adds a level of brightness to a space.  Complemented with thoughtful light fixtures, subway tile and stainless appliances, our minds are made up! We want white!  (Let’s hope the developers agree!) Here are some inspirational images of how lovely white kitchens are!






After the summer heat, we are more than happy to wrap ourselves up in a cozy poncho to keep warm in this chilly Autumnal air.  While we of course love a solid charcoal cashmere poncho, we are also drawn to a more punchy, printed wool style as well. Boho chic does NOT necessarily mean hippie- ponchos worn right can look rather sophisticated paired with the right boots and accessories.







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As we remove our air-conditioners from the windows this month, sip on pumpkin lattes and look forward to apple picking this weekend, we are mentally starting the transition from summer into fall.  One of our favorite aspects of Autumn are wood stoves! Heating the room and filling the air with the rustic smell of wood burning is comforting to most people.  Wood stoves, the fireplace alternatives- are a great thing to have in your home. Not only do they help lower the heating costs in the rough winter months, they also can really be a nice focal piece in a room.  Some of the newer wood stoves come in cool new colors like white or hunter green. Plus, if we ever are faced with another terrible blizzard that causes power outages, you will not only stay warm but also can cook on the top of a wood stove! So stay at home, grab a hot cocoa, a great book and relax by your very own fireplace.


Shelves filled with books and a wood-burning stove makes this the perfect place to spend a winter afternoon.


:)wood stove...fireplace...maybe next year's project


wood stove



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In architecture, a “coffer” is a sunken panel in a ceiling (including the interiors of domes and vaults).  The word comes from the ancient Greek word kophinos, which means “basket.” The Latin word for basket, cophinus, was adopted by the old French to mean various types of hollowed containers. The words “coffer,” a chest or strongbox to hold money, and “coffin,” a box for the dead, are both French derivations. Coffers have been used in ceilings for centuries. Sometimes they were used to disguise the architectural engineering, where one beam or brace would be structurally necessary but others were built for symmetry. Hollows were sometimes used for weight distribution. We are loving the depth that coffers create in a ceiling- paired with recessed lighting and perhaps a dramatic chandelier, coffered ceilings are one of our favorite design elements these days. The first photo below is of LKRE’s newest listing, 12 Brenton Road which features a stunning coffered ceiling.





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